How To Disable Add To Cart Button But Show Prices In Magento

We have noticed many people are actively searching how to disable add to cart button in Magento, how to disable add to cart but show prices, how to disable add to cart buttons from catalog pages, how to disable add to cart from specific product pages, disable add to cart button for entire category, disable shopping cart and checkout process for certain products or how to completely disable add to cart button instead show up a message or form.

magento tutorial disable add to cart button magento How To Disable Add To Cart Button But Show Prices In Magento magento disable add to cart

Since, all these questions are pretty related in one way or another, we have developed one of the best Magento extension to disable add to cart button, hide prices, or entirely disable the cart for certain categories.

You can easily use & most importantly configure Magento hide price extension the way you want. But, why this extension was needed anyways? Well, we have noticed that needs or all ECommerce stores are different, the policies they adapt to sell are different and specific to the industry they are into. Even stores like hide product prices for certain products. Best part about this extension is the ease and beauty of customization. You can do the followings with the extension:

  • Hide Product prices from guests, visitors
  • Hide Product Prices completely from everyone, instead show them a message of form to fill.
  • Show product prices but disable add to cart button. You can also configure it show up an inquiry form instead of Add to cart button.

Cool isn’t it? Now, you will understand how we have answered all those questions with just one Magento extension.

Disable Add To Cart Button In Magento

A majority of Magento stores were seen looking for an answer to this particular question. Here is how you can disable add to cart button in Magento:

  1. Install Hide price extension in your Magento community or enterprise editions. If it’s not already installed.
  2. Go to Admin -> Configuration -> HidePrice Settings.
  3. Configure Enquire settings tab.
  4. Apply this setting to a particular categories (multi-select).
  5. Associate certain products under categories assigned for hiding add to cart button.
  6. Enable an Inquiry link message or form for your customers to fill.
  7. That’s it.

Now, all the products filed under associated category will show product prices but add to cart button will remain disabled. This includes disabling add to cart button from catalog, home page, product detail page and every other page where we might have enabled our customers to add to cart.

Tip: If you are looking to disable add to cart button completely, you should configure Call for Price tab.

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