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Build unlimited forms using Magento 2 Webforms

Magento 2 Webform is an extension for Magento 2 website that helps you both create forms unlimitedly and build form easily by drag-and-drop functions. This Magento 2 extension gives you one more way to collect information from visitors and customers to do research for their business strategies in the future. Moreover, webform extension can be a tool that help you keep visitors engaged and make them be happier on your website by a lot of features integrated to Webform extension for Magento 2 below.


1. Create easily and manage efficiently unlimited forms

webform extension magento 2 webform Build unlimited forms using Magento 2 Webforms manage formBy using Magento 2 Webforms, you can create as many forms as you want for any targets of your online business strategy. Besides, despite of having some or many forms created on the website, you can manage them simply and efficiently as records of a table by many functions integrated such as searching, filtering,…

2. Add unlimited fields and manage by fieldsets for each form

For each form created by this extension, you can add unlimited fields that you can get all information that you need for the targets. The fields of form are managed efficiently thank to be categorize into fieldset, so that, it is very simple for you to take actions on not only a field but also all of fields in a fieldset by just one click.

3. Build form by drag and drop functions

To help you build form easily, webforms extension allows moving, rearranging fields or even fieldsets by integrating drag and drop functions. So that, your sorting fields to build forms becomes easy, quick and efficient that you do not need to waste much time on and can have more time to do other activities for your business.

4. Use various input types up to 10

magento 2 create form magento 2 webform Build unlimited forms using Magento 2 Webforms input typeUsing this create form extension for Magento 2 website, you can allow your customers being more convenient to complete the form by setting one of 10 input types for each fields. It can be:

- Input types need entering values to complete: The values that you allow your customers entering can be in only one line or in many lines as an area.

- Input types need selecting options: You can allow the customers choosing from a dropdown of values or selecting one or more than one values in a list of values.

- Input types need uploading files: To support the customers using files existing in their computers, you can allow them upload the files with format that you can set to complete the form.

5. Validate the form data automatically

form buider magento 2 magento 2 webform Build unlimited forms using Magento 2 Webforms validatorMagento 2 Webforms can help you collect the information as your requirements by adding validator for each field. Once you set validator for a field, it is impossible for people submit the forms if they enter the type of value that is not the same as the validation you set the field.

6. Set each field of the form to be required or optional for customer to complete the field

In every form, there are always some of fields that are required for customers to complete and some of fields that are optional. It is very easy for you to set a field to be optional or required by using this form builder extension. Just one tick in a check box of each field, you can get this function.

7. Use captcha for the forms

build form extension magento 2 webform Build unlimited forms using Magento 2 Webforms captchaSpamming can become an issue that can have negative impact on your achieving the targets on creating the form. So that, avoiding spam is an essential action that you have to take. With this Magento 2 extension, you can do it easily by using captcha for the forms.

8. Create success messages or confirmation messages

magento 2 create form magento 2 webform Build unlimited forms using Magento 2 Webforms sucess messagePromptly when your customers submit the forms successfully, there can be a message displayed on using this webform extension. Thanking for that, you can take advantage of the message and make your customers be happy by your gratitude. You can create the message with customizable content as your need.

9. Set custom redirect URL after successful submission

Besides of features that support for your form builder, this extension for Magento 2 also can increase your website traffic by redirecting to an URL after the customers submit the form successfully. This URL is custom to set that may be a URL of current website of URL of another website.

10. Use form as a widget on any pages of website

With webforms extension for Magento 2, it is easy for you not only to create form but also to use the form. You can use form on any pages of the website as a widget. So that, it is possible for you to display form anywhere of webpage as well as use more than one form on the page.

11. Send results to admin/customers via custom email

form buider extension magento 2 webform Build unlimited forms using Magento 2 Webforms email senderFor each successful submission, the result can be sent to both admin and customers via emails. The receiver emails can be customizable, which means that it is able to use any emails to receive the result of the successful submission.

12. Manage results submitted successfully

Using this create form extension, all results are managed by forms. So that, you can view as well as manage results of each form right in the managing form grid. On viewing the results, each field of form is displayed as a column in the result table. Each row as each record is a result of a successful submission of the form.

13. Be developer friendly

Beside of above wonderful features on creating forms, you can use and configure this extension as a developer, so that, it can suit with your requirements and be compatible with the Magento 2 webstore.


1. Have more way to collect information

It is very important for your business development to do researches for new business strategy that can meet all needs of customers and market. This Magento 2 extension give you a way more to collect the information as well as market insight right on your website by creating and using forms on any page in the Magento 2 webstore.

2. Communicate with customers better

The fact that it is impossible for you to be online on your website every time and everywhere to respond to all questions from customers. So that, it can be said that this webforms extension is a good solution for you that help your creating forms which allows customers putting their questions, then inform you when the questions are submitted successfully.

3. Boost customer happiness by custom success message

As your gratitude to your customers for their submitting the form, the message displayed when successful submission can make them feel their important roles in your business. So that, they will be happier on using your website as well as purchasing on your website. Moreover, the success message can be an essential factor that keeps your customers engaged by your providing other URLs that take them to what they are interested in.

4. Avoid spammers and spambots

The thing we are most afraid of facing when using online form is spamming. It not only wastes our time on filtering the results but also keeps us away from reaching our targets on creating the form. So that, it is very essential for us to using captcha for the form by using this creating web form extension for Magento 2 webstore.

5. Save time on managing form and results

For your website that has a number of forms that have many results for each form, this Magento 2 extension can help you to manage them efficiently and time-savingly by managing all of the forms in a grid and allowing accessing their results from it.


With all the features and benefits of Magento 2 Webforms above, why don’t you try and use it for your Magento 2 store.





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