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3 simple things create your Magento website development

As you have known, Magento is the best platform for ecomerce because of its features that support all activities of online business. However, by default, these features is too simple and lack of functions that cannot meet full of store owners’ needs for their websites. Thus, to make the website be multifunctional and you can take greate advantage of website on doing business, it is essential to take some actions for Magento website development.
Maybe most of people who do not have deep knowledge on coding and programming think that developing the Magento webstore is impossible for them. But there are still some actions you can take for your developing webstore based on Magento.

1. Responsive Design Themes

Nowadays, Responsive Design Themes is the most popular things in web design. It is thought to be an efficient element for creating Magento website development. Almost people who are owners of websites choose themes that is responsive design for their website. So, what is responsive design themes and why should we choose responsive design themes for the websites?

As a short definition according to Wikipedia, Responsive web design is an approach to web design which makes web pages render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes. This also means as website using responsive design theme, all contents and other elements displaying on website are automatically resize to make their best displays on any devices used to access the website with any screen sizes including desktops, laptops, tablets or phones.

Finding the benefits of it for developing website especially for Magento website developments, the facts that: Go along with the developments of science and technology that make wonderful devices including tablets and smartphones that make many changes in people’s working and people’s daily life. In surfing Internet activity, people use not only desktop computer or laptop but also mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones,…

So, as website’s owners, we must brings the best experiences to all of them when they are on our website. Or in other words, a responsive design theme can help us satisfy all users who access to the website by any devices with any screen sizes. Moreover, as one of the biggest search engine over the world, Google also recommend us to use website themes that are responsive designs. Thus, why don’t we choose it for our websites?

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2. Third party integration services

Third party integration services are wonderful tools that can help our Magento websites be nearer customers and can meet customers’ demands. There are many opinions showing that third party integration services play important roles in boosting sale and increasing revenue.

Integrating services of third parties for developing Magento website that also means there will be more functions on the website. Almost functions brings benefits to not ony users who access, view and use website but also us – as admin of the website. For users, these website developments help them be more convenient, simpler and easier to have best experiences on using the websites. This keeps them on website and discover more on the website which can increase conversions that make your revenue be higher. And for admins – Magento website’s owners, these integrations can make management activities such as customer management, product management, shipping management, payment management,… be simpler and more efficient.

Thus, creating Magento website development by using third party services is an essential way to bring benefits to our websites as well as our online business.

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3. SEO friendly

As you have known, Magento is the best platform for ecommerce website and there are a lot of reasons to prove this. One of those reasons is Magento’s features that help the website be SEO friendly. So, what are those features and what you can do to take advantages of them?

Google Sitemap

Google Sitemap is one of references that used on process that Google indexes the website. The site has links to all pages, products and categories on Magento webstore.

Magento development Magento website development 3 simple things create your Magento website development sitemapTo set up the sitemap:
Step 1: Choose Catalog on Magento configuration page
Step 2: Expand Sitemap section and complete 2 fields in it
Step 3: Expand Search Engine Optimizations and set Autogenerated Site Map to Enable

URL rewrites

By default, all URLs in Magento store include a file called “index.php” that resides in the root folder which is not good for our boosting SEO. So, rewriting URL is very essential. Besides, the rewrite has no impact on performance or site rank, and is more of a usability issue than anything else.To enable URL Rewrites:

Step 1: Select Web tab on Configuration page
Step 2: Expand Search Engine Optimizations and set Use Web Server Rewrites to Yes
Step 3: Click Save Config

Magento website development Magento website development 3 simple things create your Magento website development URL rewrites

Meta information for products, categories and content pages

To improve the process that search engines index Magento website, we can enter meta data that includes keyworks be compatible with contents on the website. For each meta data, there are some tips as follows:

- Meta Title: should include keywords and be less than 70 characters in length.
- Meta Keywords: including keywords in the content and also in the meta title and meta description.
- Meta Description: should be between 150-160 characters in length and include keywords.

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Let’s try to do those for your Magento website development, you will be surprised by great benefits it will brings to you!

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